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  • Organically Grown Salad Variety Microgreens

  • Delvered weekly from our farm to your home or local pick-up spot

Welcome to our Virtual Farm Stand

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Organically Grown Salad Variety Microgreens

Delvered weekly from our farm to your home or local pick-up spot

We Specialize in Growing Organic Salad Variety Microgreens

It was quite a task to find the best sources for certified organic seeds, soil and soil amendments.

Once we had the raw materials it took countless tests to refine the growing process for each variety.

We chose these five varieties first and foremost for their nutrient profiles as well as their individual color, texture and flavor profiles.

Each variety is a unique living food that fully embodies why microgreens are highly regarded super foods among health experts.

Since the average crop cycle is 10 days, we're constantly experimenting with new organic seeds so that we can offer our CSA members weekly farmer's specials so that there's a constant variety and diversity both nutritionally as wells as culinarily.

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Sunshine Peak - Sunflower Shoots

Pikes Peak - Peas Shoots

Little Bear Peak - Buckwheat Microgreens

Red Cloud Peak - Radish Microgreen Mix

Blanca Peak - Broccoli Microgreens

The TWO most FAQs

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100 % of your Elevated Microgreens are edible!

That said...they're will be hulls.

There's no good way around it.

I enjoy the crunchy texture and added flavor of small hulls like the ones on broccoli or radish micros.

Buckwheat hulls are not a concern when making a green smoothy.

When using buckies in a salad it's important for you to know...by the end of your meal you'll have a small pile of hulls on the side of your plate.

A fun game is to offer a prize to the person with the least amount of greens and the most hulls left on their plate.

BTW...there never are any microgreens left on our plates at the end of the meal!

Sunflower hulls are the most challenging of them all. We do our very best to help to ensure you don't get any sunflower hulls in your box of sunnies each week.

And yet it is possible that a few might sneak their way in. They're much easier to spot when plating your micros. If you find any just toss them into your compost bucket.

Our goal at Elevated Microgreens is to have a zero waste farm and we work diligently toward that goal every day.

I love that your entire weekly order is zero waste...(as long as you do your part and yumm them all up!

To support our goal we chose to use containers that are made from vegetables making them fully compostable.

I feel a bit silly writing this but I want to be clear...they're not intended to be eaten :) unless you're a goat. Goats seem to enjoy eating anything and everything!

Organic Microgreens, grown in organic soil, with real sunlight are some of the most nutrient dense foods on this planet!

Photo of young pea shoots embracing the first rays of the day

Never before has nutrition been as vitally important as it is today.